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Hi there; and welcome to my blog… Most of you know me as Miyuki but I go by “Kimberlie / Kimmie” now. So feel free to just call me whatever!

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月光の魔法 ♔ | via Tumblr

Z Nation

So I wasn’t sure if it was going to be good or not but I was bored, so I started watching it with my cousin… Turns out its pretty awesome. Its got an interesting story line that’s serious, scary, and humorous. Although, there are some things about the show that I just can’t stand.


Another year has past and I still don’t know what to do with my life, except waste it playing video games. I’ve recently become acquainted with Elsword and despite how laggy it is on my computer I enjoy playing it. They have quite a few characters to choose from and as usual I chose the archer, Rena. I don’t actually take archery but I have a fascination with bows n’ arrows. The game-play is simple and easy and there’s plenty of quests and different classes you can choose from for each character. I also like it because you can do dungeons with other players and PvP of course. You can even get married which I find unnecessary, but I guess people do….