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Hi there; and welcome to my blog… Most of you know me as Miyuki but I go by “Kimberlie / Kimmie” now. So feel free to just call me whatever!

Rules and regulations:

✻ Please do not use excessive swearing on my blog… Including racism towards ones gender, color, or sexual orientation.

✻ Do not steal my art / ideas… Most of the artwork uploaded to this blog is my artwork so please ask before using and give credit where credit is due.

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– Kimberlie

月光の魔法 ♔ | via Tumblr

Do you ever get bored?

It was just another typical day for me when I decided to hunt down photos for inspiration; and that’s when I came across this:



I found this to be a v. cool idea and I thought it would be nice to share it with all of you and try it out… The only problem is not knowing what to put inside of it. You can probably tell where this is going right? So I thought of a couple ideas on what you could possibly use, if you ever decide to create one.

➊ Try writing a short story, poem, or maybe even a song about someone you absolutely adore or hate. Then give it to them.

➋ Bake a special treat and send it to Kimmie. She will love you forever.

➌ Read a new book that sparks your interest.

➍ Clean the house and do the chores.

➎ Watch a movie or television show you haven’t seen yet.

➏ Play hide n seek bc your never to young to play hide n seek.

➐ Try drawing in realistic form; a persons face for example.

➑ Go outside, lay in the grass, and look up at the clouds or the night sky for at least 20 minutes or so.

➒ Send a thoughtful letter to one of your relatives.

➓ Decorate your notebook with paper cut outs and other stuff.

– Kimberlie