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Fantage Edit.

R A N D O M by millisa252


I don’t actually play fantage anymore but I still love to make edits and recolors because they’re time consuming when you have nothing else to do. I honestly did feel insulted about what Britney said and most people on deviantART do credit fantage you know? Although, I do agree on the part that some people shouldn’t have to be given credit for their edits because they either aren’t edited or recolored enough.

Cupcakes? Bullies?

So recently I was having this argument with my cousin about cupcakes being bullies. She told me that muffins were better than cupcakes and that she hated them. So then I asked her why and she said: “because cupcakes are mean and they said muffins were ugly” and to prove her statement she showed me this picture…

I totally agree that the cupcake above needs to freaking die, but my points is that it’s one cupcake and that not all cupcakes are mean. In the end she still continued to be stubborn. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think! I honestly don’t even know why I had this argument, it was so childish and pointless. //Shoots myself.

Our Tapes AMV

I’m really impressed with this AMV my cousin showed me… The whole story line is quite unique and the fact that it’s two characters from different animes (Oreki from Hyouka & Mio from K-On) mixed together makes it a real piece of artwork. The people who created this did a wonderful job at editing the whole thing and this is personally one of my most favorite AMV’s I’ve ever watched. It’s a little depressing though. ;-;